Modern Ice Technology

Preserving Purity

Molecular Ice Technology™ uses ice particles dispensed in a liquid flow form to chill and preserve meats, poultry, seafood and other food products against quality degradation, naturally. The technology is simple to install, with a convenient easy to use, no mess, hose delivery system.

Regular Flake ice
14 days

This North Atlantic Cod shows signs of significant damage from the flake ice.


Preserved 14 days

The scales of this North Atlantic Cod preserved at sea are neat and intact, retaining its fresh shiny texture.


  • Harvest.

    Provide 100% surface protection for livestock, poultry, seafood and other types of fresh food thereby stamping out post-harvest waste.

  • Preserve.

    nanoICE shields food resources from the onslaught of bacteria and foodborne pathogens almost instantaneously with nanoICE™ UptakeENERGY™ and Molecular Ice Technology™.

  • Profit.

    There are a multitude of ways in which nanoICE’s revolutionary technology can increase profits, and the opportunities for this can be across a broad spectrum of industries; meat, poultry, agricultural products, seafood, etc.

nanoICE ... A Revolution in Preservation

Manufactured to exact specifications, silky soft, all–natural, pure, nanoICE fractions represent the Gold Standard in livestock, poultry and seafood preservation. The result of more than a decade of research in raw material preservation, nanoICE with UptakeENERGY is the natural cooling and preservation choice for food companies. Bacteria, such as E-coli, are molecular predators and must be fought with molecular weapons. Pharmaceuticals and chemicals are currently the choice of the food industry, but that tide is changing. There is a better way. nanoICE is the next generation of preservation technology and provides food companies with an all-natural weapon against bacteria, dehydration, and quality loss.

NanoICE, Inc. provides custom fully-integrated, or stand alone systems to food producers, transporters, storage companies, retail grocers, restaurants, and hotels. We experience one or more of the following benefits in every application:

  • Retain product weight
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Extend shelf life 2-3 times
  • Increase nutritional value
  • Improve hygiene



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