Advantages, benefits and value to you…

nanoICE’s molecular ice technology basically does three things for your product :


Nano-ice removes heat faster and therefore brings the core product temperature down quicker.


Nano-ice maintains the core product temperature for much longer and thereby locks in freshness.


Nano-ice protects the product from air-exposure and thereby postpones product decay.

And nanoICE does this faster, longer and better than conventional ice chilling processes on the market.


What nano-ice does…



for your Product’s benefit…



enhancing your value.

Reduces weight loss



Product does not evaporate under chilling process



Increased revenue for same product unit

Lowers core temperature for longer



For longer shelf life



Less waste and higher income for same batch

Protects the original nutrient content, color & taste



Protection against bacteria and air exposure



Better price for improved quality

And all this without the potential damage that conventional sharp crystals can cause to a products appearance. It also maintain its looks, just see this trial: