nanoICE CEO, Craig Rominger, Launches Hunger Project


From Stan Emert, Executive Director of The Post Harvest Project:

I asked Craig Rominger, President and CEO of WCTA member company nanoICE, if I could contact you, because I thought you would want to help put Craig’s vision into action.

 When I first heard about nanoICE, I thought “what a tremendous idea!” As I got to know Craig, I found that he had a deeper vision – one where people around the world could benefit from great technologies. Craig’s idea was centered on a basic necessity of life: nourishment.

 We know that there are nearly 1 billion people in the world who are starving.  And we hear many people talk about solving hunger, but Craig has a vision of much more than talk. So, he formed the Post Harvest Project to take action to reduce post harvest waste to help feed the world.

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