• Harvest.

    Provide 100% surface protection for livestock, poultry, seafood and other types of fresh food thereby stamping out post-harvest waste.

  • Preserve.

    nanoICE shields food resources from the onslaught of bacteria and foodborne pathogens almost instantaneously with nanoICE™ UptakeENERGY™ and Molecular Ice Technology™.

  • Profit.

    There are a multitude of ways in which nanoICE’s revolutionary technology can increase profits, and the opportunities for this can be across a broad spectrum of industries; meat, poultry, agricultural products, seafood, etc.


nanoICE ... A Revolution in Preservation

Manufactured to exact specifications, silky soft, all–natural, pure, nanoICE fractions represent the Gold Standard in livestock, poultry and seafood preservation. The result of more than a decade of research in raw material preservation, nanoICE with UptakeENERGY is the natural cooling and preservation choice for food companies. Bacteria, such as E-coli, are molecular predators and must be fought with molecular weapons. Pharmaceuticals and chemicals are currently the choice of the food industry, but that tide is changing. There is a better way. nanoICE is the next generation of preservation technology and provides food companies with an all-natural weapon against bacteria, dehydration, and quality loss.

NanoICE, Inc. provides custom fully-integrated, or stand alone systems to food producers, transporters, storage companies, retail grocers, restaurants, and hotels. We experience one or more of the following benefits in every application:

  • Retain product weight
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Extend shelf life 2-3 times
  • Increase nutritional value
  • Improve hygiene



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