• Seafood

    nanoICE technology brings the potential for an order of magnitude difference for improvement in seafood quality, and with that improvement a commensurate increase in profit margins for fishermen, processors, and retailers, as well a better product being delivered to the consumer.

  • Poultry

    In recent years the poultry industry has outpaced the meat industry in the Unites States, with the US processing a phenomenal 36 billion pounds of chicken, along with 5.7 billion pounds of turkey, in 2009.

  • Livestock

    nanoICE with UptakeENERGY™ safeguards beef, pork, lamb and mutton. Our proprietary technology chills livestock after slaughter, minimizes infection by anaerobic pathogens, and preserves product weight currently lost to lipid oxidation, dehydration and decay.

  • Fruits and Vegetables
    Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables are highly perishable products. Currently, up to 23% of the most perishable fruits and vegetables are lost during their journey through the agri-food chain due to spoilage, physiological decay, water loss, mechanical damage during harvesting and packaging, or due to transportation.

nanoICE System

nanoICE provides 100% surface protection for livestock, poultry, seafood and other types of fresh food. This can significantly reduce post-harvest waste, and by inference, substantially boost production. When a loss of up to 9% of a product occurs through enzymatic breakdown, drip loss and dehydration, this translates into avoidable protein and financial loss.

nanoICE, with UptakeENERGY™, provides food companies with a natural weapon in the fight against bacteria, oxidation and decay. The result of over a decade of research in raw material preservation, our technology represents a paradigm shift in the way perishable foodstuffs are preserved. Producers can avert much of the weight loss associated with lipid oxidation and bacterial infection. Transporters are able to maintain optimum product quality over a longer period of time. And retailers can greatly reduce product loss while providing their customers with higher quality products.

With proven results in beef, pork, poultry and seafood production, transportation, storage and retail display, nanoICE systems are designed to be scalable and accommodate the preservation needs of organizations large and small. Our technology is installed with minimal disruption to operations, and costs less to operate than current methods. nanoICE represents a truly Green alternative to the status quo, using up to 70% less energy and up to 90% less refrigerant* than competitive chilling methods. Let us perform an Energy Use Survey to estimate the savings your company could experience using nanoICE – Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


UptakeENERGY is the proprietary science behind the market leading performance of nanoICE. UptakeENERGY works by strengthening each fresh food's natural defenses, providing a shield against bacteria and decay. Our technology safeguards each product from environmental predators with 100% surface protection, effectively extending the shelf life of most raw materials. Different than other microbial supplements or preservatives, nanoICE, with UptakeENERGY, preserves naturally and without chemicals.


Contact our Sales Department to schedule a demonstration of nanoICE with UptakeENERGY. We can help you protect your products and keep them naturally fresh.

* results vary depending on the comparison performed


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    Easy to Use

Fleet Manager

I’ve used NanoICE for 5 years. Cooling is much faster and more consistent. I am now putting another NanoICE machine on my new halibut boat.

Fleet Manager,
Shrimp and Halibut Fishing Boats 



nanoICE is unique to the fishing industry; we have not experienced results like these with any other ice product. The quality of the fish is superior to fish chilled and preserved with all other methods. On the 18th day the fish looked as good as it did on Day 1.

Managing Director, Seafood Processor

The fish quality is better, the buyers are happier, and we don’t have to shovel flake ice anymore.

Captain, Cod Trawler