Molecular Ice Technology™

What is Molecular Ice Technology?

Molecular Ice Technology™ is the use of microscopic ice particles dispensed in liquid flow form to chill and preserve meats, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables. nanoICE machines are simple to install, easy to use, and provide users with a Portfolio of Benefits that far exceeds the status quo in food processing.

The science behind our technology lies in the ability to create UptakeENERGY in each nanoICE particle, or fraction. nanoICE fractions attach and contour to fresh, raw material, creating an effective barrier between most bacteria and the product. Direct contact cooling comes down to surface area. The essence of rapid cooling lies in the ability to increase the surface area to which any ice can effectively “touch” a product and pull heat from that product. nanoICE particles are so small that they cover 100% of the surface area of fresh foodstuffs. The speed and efficiency through which nanoICE is able to effectively pull heat from foods is called UptakeENERGY.


Only nanoICE™ has UptakeENERGY™.

NanoICE, Inc.'s proprietary technology is the only preservation solution in the world with UptakeENERGY™ - a revolutionary new science that gives fresh raw material a fighting chance against bacteria, oxidation and decay. The benefits:

  • 1
    Rapid Core Cooling
  • 2
    Long Term Core Temperature Maintenance
  • 3
    Surrounds Product Softly & Gently




Specifically manufactured with rounded, soft edges, and incredible contouring ability - nanoICE is the best choice for preserving perishable foodstuffs.




nanoICE is unique to the fishing industry; we have not experienced results like these with any other ice product. The quality of the fish is superior to fish chilled and preserved with all other methods. On the 18th day the fish looked as good as it did on Day 1.

Managing Director, Seafood Processor

The fish quality is better, the buyers are happier, and we don’t have to shovel flake ice anymore.

Captain, Cod Trawler
  • nanoICE technology creates microscopic ice particles so tiny that more than 250 of them could fit on the tip of human hair.


  • Now you can SAFEGUARD your food products against quality degradation, naturally, with nanoICE.