Molecular Ice Technology™

Molecular Ice Technology™ is basically just microscopic ice particles (one billionths of an inch - 250 nano-ice particles fit on a single piece of human hair) dispensed in a liquid brine form (fresh water with salts). The science rationale behind our technology is the search for an ice type that can chill faster than current ice or inversely has a larger ability to remove heat from a target product in order to chill down to ideal storage temperature of fresh products – also called the “super chilling temperature”. To exemplify this, it is important to recall that the essence of cooling is a function of two conditions:
  • a direct physical contact between the product to be chilled and the cooling medium; and
  • a combination of a low melting temperature and a large surface area of the cooling medium

Because nano-ice has a molecular structure, rounded and extremely small particles, the nano-ice contours itself around the product to be chilled, so that the whole product is in contact with the ice. In addition the smaller particle sizes also means that the nano-ice has a larger surface totally compared to volume, which again means that it has the ability to absorb more heat than conventional ice in the same amount of time – or simply put: It chills much faster.







This is nano-ice’s ability to remove heat from a target product; a terminology we trademarked to distinguish its superior characteristics and fundamental differences compared to conventional ice chilling mediums on the market.The speed and efficiency through which nano-ice is able to effectively pull heat from foods, we refer to as the UptakeENERGY™ advantage of nano-ice.


The main reason it works better is that smaller ice crystals allow for a better ratio of ice and cold water to be retained in the nano-ice. This in turn means that chilling can start immediately, contrary to conventional dry ice like flake ice, which requires a melting temperature above 32F to start this process and thus cannot get the product down to the super chilling temperature like nano-ice can. The benefits nanoICE’s Uptake ENERGY™ for the food industry are many and to learn about how this gives you value through a higher quality and extended shelf life of the chilled products, please go to the “Value to You” section of our website.


Know-How Terminology

Why Super Chilling Temperature is Ideal!
Chilling is different from freezing in that freezing changes the physical structure of a food product, while chilling removes most of the heat to the borderline of freezing - the ideal storage temperature of fresh products (also called the super chilling temperature because the product is not frozen, rather still fresh, yet below the freezing point of fresh water.)

Why Speed is Important!
Because heat is the worst enemy of post-harvest products, in that heat causes the onset of decay in produce or rigor in seafood and livestock. The shorter duration the product is exposed to heat, the better it is for the product.

Why Temperature is Critical!
Because you want products to stay fresh, meaning to postpone the decaying or rigor process for as long as possible, and by achieving “super chilling temperature” this process will be delayed.

Specifically manufactured with rounded, soft edges, and incredible contouring ability - nanoICE is the best choice for preserving perishable foodstuffs.



  • Now you can SAFEGUARD your food products against quality degradation, naturally, with nanoICE.